Delivery is half the job. Proof of Delivery is the other half.

The People
Front Door Marketing Chief Distribution Officer manages 3 crew chiefs. Each crew chief has 6-8 carriers who deliver your advertising material to each door.

Inventory Control
Our crews arrive at our warehouse every morning at 7:30am. We provide inventory control on the way in and on the way out. A box does not leave our warehouse without a box count performed. A signature is obtained by the crew chief on inventory control sheets before the material is loaded on the trucks.

Mapping Software
Where does your material get delivered? We create a custom map for each client through our mapping software. Area is determined through geographic analysis between us and the client. Household counts can be provided by zip code, area, or radius.

Daily Crew Log
The crew chiefs are required to call the Chief Distribution Officer hourly with location updates. This information is recorded and tracked throughout the delivery process on the delivery log.

Address Verification Forms
1% of all homes that are delivered the crew chief views a door hanger and writes down the address on an address verification form. This shows an accurate representation of how the crew moved through the area.

Mapping Verification                                                                                                        
Our crew chief utilizes the same maps built for the clients during the entire distribution process. Throughout the delivery the crew chief marks the maps as to where the crew is delivering.

Front Door Marketing follows all zoning and permit requirements for each area of Houston. We also have a general liability insurance for our company as well as commercial vehicle insurance.

Physical Verification
The Chief Distribution Officer, Account Executives, and our Clients all drive the delivery area to ensure the material is being delivered exactly where the client specified and to ensure each house is covered.

Notarized Affidavit
If needed each crew can complete and sign a Notarized Delivery Affidavit that legally represents your material was delivered where you wanted it, when you wanted it.

Client Communication
Our clients are called and / or emailed to let them know that their material is being delivered.


Before you have a company work on your marketing campaign, ask the following questions.

Do you offer a turnkey solution?

Do you have the necessary permits?
Do you offer documentation and proof of delivery?
Do you have general liability for your delivery crews?
Do you have commercial vehicle Insurance?

At Front Door Marketing the Answer is Yes!